CanadianSolar 400 Poly

  • CanadianSolar
  • CS3W-400P
  • 810-380
  • 27
  • 594
  • 40
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Canadian Solar HiKu 400W Poly

With Canadian Solar’s proprietary poly wafer and cell technologies, we have developed an extraordinary module. HiKu is the first poly module exceeding 400 W and thus reaches one of the highest poly module power outputs in the solar industry. Combining the best technology and design, it also reduces LCOE and installation costs.


  • Poly PERC, Multibusbar cells
  • 24 % more power than conventional modules
  • Low NMOT: 42 ± 3 °C
  • Up to 4.5 % lower LCOE, up to 2.7 % lower system costs
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Lower internal current, lower hotspot temperature
  • Cell crack risk limited in a small region, enhance the module reliability
  • Heavy snow loads up to 5400 Pa
  • 2108 x 1048 x 40 mm

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