Sensor Box Professional Plus

  • Solar-Log
  • Irrad. + Module Temp. Sensor
  • 1 kg
  • 430-018
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Sensor Box Professional Plus

Sensors precisely record the deviations between the possible and the actual power production and provide important key figures in regard to the quality of the entire plant. An error message is generated when a deviation is detected. The irradiation sensor is the most important element of the Sensor Box Professional and Professional Plus. It provides a reference value for the amount of solar irradiation that can be used to to evaluate the potential power production. Power reductions are easier to analyze with the internal module temperature sensor. The sensor evaluation provides indications of the cause of the fault.

Up to nine Sensor Boxes Professional and Professional Plus can be connected. It is possible to use the Sensor Boxes with their own RS485 inverters on the same bus the Solar-Log™.

The Sensor Box Professional Plus also has the option to connect an ambient temperature sensor and window sensor.

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