Solar-Log 2000

  • Solar-Log
  • max. 2 MW, max. 100 inverters
  • 2 kg
  • 330-012
  • 5
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Solar-Log 2000

Comprehensive evaluation functions and many enhancement options make the Solar-Log 2000 a must for use in demanding situations.

  • Maximum plant size: 2000 kWp
  • Optional Powermanagement and cos phi control
  • Color TFT-Touch-Display and LCD-Status-Display for displaying graphics and operation
  • Monitor central inverters and SCBs
  • Options: Standard, GPRS, PM+, PM+/GPRS

Plant size

The Solar-Log 2000 is comfortable monitoring and controlling large-scale PV plants and solar power stations.  The new high-performance top-of-the-line model can monitor a maximum plant size of 2000 kWp and up to 100 inverters. With its master/slave technology, a total of 10 Solar-Log 2000 can be connected together at one plant. This greatly expands the maximum possible plant size.


The Solar-Log 2000 offers the option to measure the amount of self-produced power consumed and to present it graphically via the Solar-Log™ WEB “Commercial Edition”. An additional power meter serves as a consumption meter.

Solar-Log 2000 alarm function
This provides your plant with anti-theft protection and an external alarm against burglars and vandals.

Display Options

TFT-Touch-Display and access to Solar-Log™
The Solar-Log™ can be operated from a computer with a web browser or directly via the device’s TFT-Touch-Display. The graphical reports of yield data are visualized on the color TFT-Touch-Display and via the web browser. Remote access is possible with the Solar-Log™ WEB “Commercial Edition”.


Number of inverters / devices just one manufacturer per bus, total maximum 100 inverter / devices, maximum plant size 2000 kWp.

The interfaces can be used to connect inverters (up to two different manufacturers) and accessories such as Utility Meter, Pyranometer and SCBs. The Solar-Log 2000 Standard and Solar-Log 2000 PM+ have two RS485/RS422 interfaces and one RS485 interface. The Solar-Log 2000 GPRS and Solar-Log 2000 PM+/GPRS have one RS485/RS422 and one RS485 interface.


Files for download

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