Avancis 145 Thin film

  • Avancis
  • PowerMax 4.4 (CIS)
  • 615-026
  • MOQ: 1 pallet
  • 20
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Avancis 145 W 

PowerMax® for maximum yields and maximum quality demands

All PowerMax® modules offer a high energy yield (kWh per kWp) thanks to broad spectral response, very good performance in weak light conditions, low temperature sensitivity and outstanding partial shading performance. 

Top for cost-effectiveness and earnings

CIS solar modules have the highest efficiency of all the thin-film technologies, very good performance in weak light conditions and the broadest spectral response. This makes them particularly cost-effective. Unlike other PV technologies, CIS thin-film cells only require a 2µm thick semiconductor layer to generate electricity and this fundamental advantage means they can be manufactured with lower use of resources. This generates significant savings in energy and material costs in manufacturing. 

Tested quality

Naturally, our PowerMax® solar modules meet all the requirements and are certified for the assistance schemes for photovoltaic systems as stipulated by the KfW and the German Act Granting Priority to Renewable Energy Sources (EEG). They regularly undergo testing, such as artificial aging processes, extreme and long-term mechanical stress, and simulation of highly adverse weather conditions, which guarantees consistent quality in manufacturing.

Precision production in line with standards

End-to-end quality management, certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008, with over 140 measuring and control points in the production process, ensures that every solar module that leaves our plant is made with the utmost precision. PowerMax® solar modules meet all the norms and standards that are called for in Germany and internationally.

Tried-and-tested materials for long-term protection

Our PowerMax® solar modules are laminated with high-quality film. The additional edge sealing protects the semiconductor in a durable way against moisture ingress and power loss. AVANCIS guarantees a long-service life and stable output lasting 25 years for its solar modules.

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