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Tigo TS4-A-O - Optimization

PV Module Advanced Add-On/Retrofit

The TS4-A-O (Optimization) is the advanced add-on/retrofit optimization solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules for higher reliability. Improve energy efficiency by upgrading underperforming PV systems or adding smart features to new installations. The TS4-A-O with UHD-Core technology and expanded specifications support PV modules up to 500W.

Included Features:

Module-level optimization for increased energy yield and greater design flexibility

Enhanced safety for NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliance

Module-level monitoring for energy production tracking and system management


Easy Installation

  • Snap to standard module frame or remove brackets for rack mounting

Smart Commissioning

  • Configure and commission with your Android or iOS mobile device


The TS4-A (Advanced Retrofit) is the newest suite of units to join the patented UHD-Core TS4 Platform. The advanced add-on/retrofit solution has improved lightweight hardware and lower labour costs to address a range of functions and budgets. The UL-certified TS4-F (Fire Safety), TS4-A-O (Optimization), and TS4-A-O-Duo (Optimization per 2 modules) are compliant with NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown and are shipping now with module manufacturers and distributors worldwide. The TS4-A-M (Monitoring) and TS4-A-S (Safety), as well as their Duo versions, will be available by H2’2019.

The TS4-A is available for purchase in these pre-assembled versions:

  • TS4-A-O-Duo: Optimization (Includes all benefits of Safety and Monitoring for 2 modules up to 700W)
  • TS4-A-O: Optimization (includes all the benefits of Safety and Monitoring)
  • TS4-A-S: Safety
  • TS4-A-M: Monitoring

Files for download

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