module temperature sensor

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Module temperature sensor 

In general this sensor measures the temperature on surfaces. By fixing the sensor on the back side of the pv-module, the module temperature can be told.

The temperature of the pv-module is one of the decisive facts for the power output. By supervision, the pv-owner can draw conclusions to the performance of the power chart.

Mounting tip: It is recommended to fix the sensor and the cable with an additional adhesive tape.


Technical data

Measuring range-20°C to +150°C

±0.8°C (in the range -20°C to 100°C)

DesignSensor on an adhesive film for measurement
on sheets
Dimensions50 x 100 mm
Cable3 m  Cu-cable;  silicon isolated, 
ferrules, UV-resistant
Max. cable length
(distance Sensor Card/Box - sensor)
20 m