BYD Battery-Box H 10.2 kWh HV

  • BYD
  • 10,2 kWh
  • 226 kg
  • 935-067
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BYD B-Box H 10.2 high voltage battery storage 10.24 kWh

BYD B-Box H 10.2 is a Lithium Iron battery with battery management system (BMS) to connect with an external battery inverter. You can use the BYD B-BOX HV with the following inverter manufacturers: SMA, Kostal (in preparation), Fronius (in preparation). In direct series connection of 5 - 9 battery modules, one B-Box HV can reach up to 11.52kWh.

The B-Box HV product family combined the following characteristics:

  • retrofitting any time
  • Emergency-backup through high power (1 - 2 C)
  • 200 - 500 V to use as high-voltage battery
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to real series connection
  • Lithium Iron phosphate Battery for maximum security, cycle-stability, and power
  • Patented wireless plug-in design

BYD B-Box H 10.2 has a voltage level of 320 V - 451 V and provide the following advantages:

  • Flexible configurable in 1.28 kWh steps
  • Extendable up to 56,7 kWh, 5 x B-BOX HV

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