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What should you consider before installing or investing in an Energy Storage System (ESS)?

Energy Storage Systems (or ESS) include a wide range of technologies that aim to accumulate energy and deliver it when needed. These technologies can be either mechanical or chemical. The most common mechanical energy storage systems are pump hydro storage or flywheels, which are usually used to store energy from big power plants.

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Up to 10% off on inverters

Special promotion !

We have prepared for you a special promotion inverters! We have selected more than 30 items that you can buy for a discounted price until our promotion stock lasts.

Discount on:

Standard price valid for orders from 1 piece!
Silver price valid from 5 pieces
Gold price valid from 10 pieces
Possible to use factoring for free for orders above 10 000€ for contracted partners.

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A Visit to Q CELLS’ Technology and Innovation Headquarters

As a prominent PV manufacturer dedicated to creating high-quality modules, Q CELLS is continuously improving its range of products. Their strong technical expertise is key when it comes to rigorously developing and testing their latest innovations in four R&D centres around the world.

Q CELLS’ Technology and Innovation headquarters is in Thalheim (Germany). This R&D centre is devoted to the development of new solar cell technologies and manufacturing processes to improve power energy yield and reliability.

Since Talheim is not far from Solarity’s headquarters (Prague), a dozen of our employees went to visit Q CELLS’ R&D centre in February. Here is a summary of our visit and some interesting facts we would like to share with you.

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