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The List of Tier 1 PV Manufacturers explanation and beyond

In the PV module industry, it is commonplace to discuss about different Tier 1 PV manufacturers. In this article, we will explain what the list of Tier 1 manufacturers is, why we should consider this indicator and what other considerations one should consider in choosing high quality, reliable, and technologically advanced PV manufacturers. 

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New staff on board!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Andrii Sklianko as Solarity Ukraine Sales representative.

Andrii will be based in our new office in the very center of Kyiv. As Solarity is rapidly growing, we believe with the addition of Andrii, it will create a positive atmosphere to advance and develop Solarity business in Ukraine in a steady, quality and sustainable way.

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What does LCOE mean?

Imagine that you want to buy a new car and you want to know which model is most bang for your buck. A sure method to find out, is to choose the vehicle that costs you the least for every km you run. A cheap car would obviously cost less for starters, but this would come with frequent trips to the mechanic because of shorter warranty times and higher fuel consumption.

As time goes on you would eventually realize that you are paying more for every km you run compared to buying a high quality, but more expensive machine.

Similarly, to this example, LCOE or Levelized cost of energy is the cost of power produced by solar energy over the lifetime of the PV system. In other words, the lower the (LCOE) cost you must pay for the energy the better your overall system is.

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