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Calendar of PV related webinars

Unfortunately, everyone had to cancel all of the planned seminars and trainings. But don’t you worry, the PV manufacturers and experts don’t want to keep their knowledge to themselves even in this situation.

That’s why we put together a calendar of PV related webinars. Enjoy the possibility to gain new information from the comfort of your home.

Webinars by SolarEdge

The SolarEdge office in UK is organising many webinars of diverse topics. If you want to get more familiar with their product for commercial or residential applications, SetApp, designer or get inspiration on how to sell remotely these webinars are for you!

Please note that all the webinars are held in British Summer time. 

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A sustainable long-term investment with SolarEdge and Canadian Solar

“A system with SolarEdge and Canadian Solar is one of the best long-term investments I have ever done, for me, my family, for our financial well-being and our environment. I give the system a perfect 10 out of 10”.

High electricity bills and a desire to do something positive for the environment prompt more and more households to turn to solar energy. Indeed, installing a PV (photovoltaic) system reduces costs significantly, all the while providing a durable electricity supply. The following is a case study of a PV system installed by our partner SunSay Energy.

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5 potential fire hazards and mitigation in photovoltaic systems

PV systems prove themselves continuously as some of the most favored sources of alternative energy with more than 120 GW installed yearly in 2019. PV systems are extremely safe under normal operating conditions if installed and maintained by professionals according to electrical regulations and guidelines. However, with the increasing distribution of different PV systems operating both on the ground, rooftops and even integrated into buildings, the risk of a possible fire occurring where PV systems are installed has to be considered (as is the case with any electrical energy grid).  

Between 1995 and 2012 in Germany, 400 fire cases were reported involving PV systems. 

In 180 cases a single PV component was the source of the fire. To underline the safety of PV systems it must be mentioned that these 180 cases represented less than 0.1% of all fires in Germany during that period. 

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