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103 GW of PV installed in 2018

EnergyTrend (Taiwan-based market research company) said global solar demand was up 4.9% year-on-year in 2018, to 103 GW. In its previous forecast, released in September, the company had predicted new global PV capacity of 100 GW for last year.

In 2019, EnergyTrend expects the global market may grow by as much as 7.7%, to 111.3 GW, with the EU highlighted as one of the growing markets for 2019, with expected year-on-year growth of more than 50%.


Italy sets 2030 solar target of 50 GW

The Italian government has published a plan for climate and energy envisaging a central role for solar in the nation’s energy mix, with PV expected to represent more than the half the power generation capacity from renewables by the end of the next decade.

Italy has an installed PV capacity of almost 20 GW, meaning around 7 GW more will be required to hit the target of 26.6 GW of PV capacity by 2025. PV is expected to represent more than the half of Italy’s renewables capacity, which is expected to reach 93.1 GW from around 54 GW currently. The second largest renewable energy source is expected to be hydropower – a traditional strength of the mountainous nation – with 19.2 GW, followed by wind (18.4 GW) and biomass (3.7 GW).

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Solarity Prague office closed during Christmas

Dear Partners, Solarity Prague office will be closed from Dec. 22 till Jan. 1. We will be back in office on Wednesday, Jan. 2.